My Domain Driven Design Project

20th March 2019 / In Javascript Domain Driven Development

Hello there! For those who don’t know me my name is Manuel Baez and I started to make a series of blog posts pertaining to the development of (mostly) a backend for a web application using Domain Driven Development, For those who don’t know what is Domain Driven Development, you can go to this link for a very brief introduction.

What my project is about

I decided to choose a simple yet interesting enough project where I can use DDD comfortably. In this case, I wanted to have a domain that I was completely unknown to myself but not so complicated that I would have to do a lot of research into learnign the domain. For this, I decided to go with the following: an application in which users can collect virtual postcards which are placed in various locations around the world. Postcard collecting is not a complicated domain and I think it is a fun project to do because there are some interesting use cases that involve GPS and location based services.

Throughout the next blog posts, I will be referencing this project. You can see this project at If there are any questions, please feel free to contact me!